Collective and then

Collectif and then… is a monster. It has many limbs, many eyes, many voices and many qualities which we don't have the vocabulary for.

The monster has devoured artists, thinkers & mischief makers.

But don't fear being eaten by the monster, the belly of the beast is a bright and bubbling place.
The monster has roots much like a network of mushrooms that have spread themselves wide across the world. It's roots have become heavily entangled in the ropes of circus, but have also grown out into other realms such as fine art, theatre, dance and activism.
The core 3 artists in the belly of the beast are aerialists. They bounce around the body of the monster, glimpsing out it's many eyes, delving deep in it's roots, and bringing people in through the mouth.
They are big & strong and have beaming smiles! They opt for disgrace over grace, elephant over elegant and naughty over nice. They are proud that reviewers have noted their 'ungainly' style.
They are overambitious, delicious and nutritious.They try very hard at most things they set their minds to.
They are quite charming.
They are submerged in their work, occasionally emerge and lovingly converged.


The greatest show on earth 2014 -

Impro 2016