Nico Baumgarten

I'm Nico Baumgarten, photographer and bookmaker.
In the future I will run a publishing house centered on critical views on society through photography and arts. It will be in a remote and beautiful place not far away from a beach with surf-able waves. The books will be produced involving a lot of manual labor. Still they won't be luxury products, they will be very affordable.
In the short time that remains before this is going to happen, I self-publish my own handmade photography books (so far those are: “Berlusconians / No Berlusconians”"Leer""ma almeno ci sei tu amore mio""Die wachsamen Augen der Angela M.") and "How the other half lives"), teach the making of artist's books and critical documentary photography, consult fellow photographers during their adventures in book(-self)-publishing, take pictures, design books (like "Wissen wuchern lassen"), bind books, scratch my belly and build a tree-house. 

Currently I'm struggling with writing short stories to go together with pictures of battered downpipes / downspouts, let's see how that will work out...


Ausstellung und Präsentation von "How the other half live" 2016