Ztratila se kocka / the lost cat (aus Frankreich)

Solo performance with an accordion, Dharkordeon, flesh, chanson, screams. Texts about love, life, squats, travels, feminism, anarchy...

Ztratila se kocka means in czech “lost cat” or “lost pussy” , kocka is also sometimes used as a nickname for a woman/girl you appreciate in a positive way.

Started to play accordeon as a kid in a small village from north- east France which name is too complicated to pronounce for most people . Life goes and my story too with its ups and downs sides and i stopped music for a while.

As i would sometimes sleep under the archs of Strasbourg, start wander and question more and more the world, beginning of my 20’s, the friends under those stars and sharing those cold floors were mostly from rep.czech. When they heard i used to play accordion, they couldn’t believe i would not play for the streets and my instrument was locked in a dark basement. They were calling me kocka, they pushed me on a new path, my stage name is a tribute to the deads and the lost souls, my instrument is their voice, my voice is a scream of anger, pain, loneliness and love to those who believed i had something to say in their name.