GoodByeEars - 2013

CHARIVARI COLLECTIVE and its southern nodes are proud to present:

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GOODBYE EARS FESTIVAL - a festival of fluid and uncertain graphic forms and sounds

Labels, names, questions and answers are terrible waste of time. What we know is that contexts are broken and mixed, contents are compromised and shared beyond any responsibility, meanings are destroyed in front of our eyes. What we want is wrong, what we suggest is nothing. We invite you to join us at the blissful showcase of graphic, print and comics art coming from so-called 'marginal cultural areas' of here and there, Europe, Balkans, and othed dark Graphistans, showcase of one art scene that exists floating in a cloud above the cultural area of post-humanistic Europeania. Strong expressionism, elyptic and autistic narratives, eye-biting colourful graphism, violence, love, gentleness with long nails, hard party and infinite sympathy is what unites all these styles and artists in what is caled GOODBYE EARS festival.

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